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Coca Cola Soda Machine (Refrigerated Model)

Coca Cola Soda Machine (Refrigerated Model)

American-Retro’s Coca-Cola Ice Machine was inspired by the famous Westinghouse Junior Coca-Cola ice machine of the 1930's and 1940's. This machine’s classic design and it’s “prefect for home use size” has made it a favorite of Collectors today. Originally this machine was used in small “Mom and Pop” stores, Barber Shops, or any other commercial establishment that had a clerk or store owner on duty to collect the money. Most of the original machines used ice for cooling, although, a less common model used chilled water to keep the soda’s cold.

In reproducing this machine, American-Retro has made it two ways, one, as with the original, uses ice for cooling and the more expensive version has a modern refrigeration unit to cool the box. Westinghouse produced this machine with no bottle mechanism or coin mechanism. This is why are primarily used in supervised establishments where someone was around to collect the money. Vendo Corporation purchased this machine from Westinghouse and fitted it with coin-operated top so bottle Cokes could be vended from it. This machine was made entirely for Coca-Cola, no other brands were used.

One of the attractions of this machine is its beautiful and plentiful embossing; it has the Coca-Cola logo on all four sides as well as under the lid so it could be read when the top was opened. Additionally, it has “ICE COLD” embossed on the front and back. Many had “five cents” painted between the Coca-Cola and ICE COLD embossing on the front and rear.

As with all our products, we kept this machine as original as possible, for example, it’s made in metal, the rubber seals under the lid are screwed, the cap catcher and bottle opener are exactly like the original and we even included wheels on the bottom like the original for easy movement. Its brilliant red color and contrasting white embossing make it a beautiful addition to the home, recreation room, patio or office. Unlike Vendo, we kept it the way Westinghouse designed it, you open the lid and you have a deep box to place cans, bottles, or anything else you want to keep cool. This machine will hold 80 cans of soda. If you have the refrigeration model you even have more room for something else on top.

1930's Coke Machine Specifications:

Capacity: 80 cans of soda
Tank: Aluminum
Body: Pressed steel
Finish: Chip resistant, rust resistant, non-toxic powder coating
Insulation: Foam
Size: 35.25" heigth, 25.25"width, 17.75" depth

Coca Cola Soda Machine (Refrigerated Model)
RP-15002 (Refrigerated Model)
Regular price: $899.95
Sale price: $799.95