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Play TV Snowboarder
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Play TV Snowboarder

The Radica Play TV Snowboarder can be described as a snowboard simulator, virtual snowboard, snowboard video game, TV or VCR snowboard game, electronic snowboard game, plug n play snowboard video game or interactive snowboard game.

Call it what you like and you have our top-selling Play TV game by Radica. Graphics, game play based on EA's number one selling video game franchise.

Just plug into your TV or VCR and play this game while "riding" on an actual snowboard. Speed, turns and tricks all controlled by your movements on the board.Realistic snowboard controller you ride it like the real thing! Lean left and right to carve turns. Lean front, back, left, right and all around to hit sick tricks. Lean front and back to control your speed.

Snowboard input redesigned for more realism and better control. Really ride the snowboard to control the action on the tv. Choose from four exciting games - Show-Off, Time Challenge, Pipedream, or Tokyo Megaplex. Compete for time and style points.

Ages 8 and up to 180 pounds maximum weight limit.

Requires 4-AA Batteries(not included).

Play TV Snowboarder
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