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Walkaroo Steel Stilts For Active Kids
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Walkaroo  Steel Stilts

Children and adults have enjoyed stilts for centuries. Perhaps its the instant boost in height, or the physical challenge of balancing and walking or the outrageous fun. Whatever the reason, stilts are the perennial favorite around the world. Now weve taken the basic stilt design and made it a whole lot better. Most stilts are simply straight poles with foot platforms attached to the sides. The tops of the poles rest behind your shoulders, foR/Cing your upper body to slump forward. Not ours. We have a S-bend, which wraps around your shoulders, allowing you to remain comfortably upright. Another end at the foot platform (11 above the ground) places your weight directly over the lower pole for vastly improved control.

Product Features:

Easier to learn and use than traditional stilts designs.

Walkaroo Balance Stilts quickly adjust to accommodate anyone from 4'6" to 6'6", so the whole family can get in on the fun.

Made of rugged tubular steel, with non-marking rubber feet, it can be used indoors and out.

These stilts are great for improving balance, coordination and for impressing your neighbors.

Maximum rider weight is 210 Lbs

Ages 6 and up!

Walkaroo Steel Stilts
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